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Ode to the Joyful Ones

By Thomas Lux

The Joyful Ones



Shield your joyful ones.
from an Anglican prayer

That they walk, even stumble, among us is reason
to praise them, or protect them—even the sound
of a lead slug dropped on a lead plate, even that, for them,
is music. Because they bring laughter’s
brief amnesia. Because they stand,
talking, taking pleasure in others,
with their hands on the shoulders of strangers
and the shoulders of each other.
Because you don’t have to tell them to walk toward the light.
Because if there are two pork chops
they will serve you the better one.
Because they will give you the crutch off their backs.
Because when there are two of them together
their shining fills the room.
Because you don’t have to tell them to walk toward the light.

Pattern Play

Sometimes I need to relax by having directions to follow and an end in sight. This pattern provided the perfect framework for a break from my other quilt projects and provided a useful and sweet piece for the home. I hope you like it!

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Working from Home

This is work. It is sometimes paid and sometimes unpaid. But I do need to do it. It needs to get done.

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Tour Launches for False Dichotomies

Still forming, as is the understanding by many that gender is a social construct, False Dichotomies invites conversation among viewers as they witness the formation of the body and consider their own body’s presentation in the world.

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Nodding to Sol Lewitt with Sew’l eWitt

Three new works by Audrey Hyvonen of Big Top Quilts have debuted at the Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams. Show runs until October 23, 2016. Audrey will be there on Sat, October 22nd from 2:30-5. Please stop by!

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Stat by Stat a.k.a. Baby Steps

At Big Top Quilts, I have Marketing Mondays, in which I usually draft a blog post to go live on Tuesday, and on Tuesday, I inventory my marketing statistics across every social media platform.

stat book twoviews






actionsstat book page






I keep track of it all. I read the blogs about the 37 Visual Content Marketing statistics you should know in 2016 and I try to take fun photos and share them with you all to keep you engaged and interested.

looking at art

But at the end of the day- what really makes me happy and what I hope really makes you happy too- is sharing what I love- colors, patterns, interesting ideas, community engagement.

 The numbers are just a measure to help me make sure that I’m reaching folks consistently, or in new ways, or in ways that aren’t working and need a tweak.

art looking


I was delighted to welcome so many new faces in to the studio for the Grand Opening!

Of course my mailing list had a boost in numbers as I ran an email based raffle, and I had new commissions and a couple of sales, which feels tremendous and exciting my work is moving out into the world!


I also feel like the real work is about to begin- not the concrete putting up of walls and painting them, but the challenge of marketing a nebulous service to a moving market that I maybe haven’t met yet.

I have my work cut out for me- and I’m eager to keep on taking baby steps and to measure how far I’ve traveled each week, stat by stat.

New Space • Bold Style • Grand Opening • Big Top Quilts

I'm here to offer you amazing opportunities to Sew and Grow with Big Top Quilts- Join the fun this Saturday, July 16, 2016 at our Grand Opening. Sign up on the email list to visit work in shows, try new art on your walls, plan a tea date to discuss repairs and commission ideas, shop BigTopQuilts on etsy, visit for details.

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I invite you to the Grand Opening Celebration

It's time to celebrate! Big Top Quilts' Studio is opening the tents for a peek inside and I would like to personally invite you to visit- Check out the details and invite a friend to join you.

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