Butterfly Basket- a mystery quilt

Butterfly BasketsMystery Mayhem Quilt:

“Butterfly Basket”


I joined a group of folks from my local quilt guild who were each working, under the guidance of our courageous and humor-filled leader, Eileen Pers, to complete a mystery quilt as it unfolded month-by-month, a block at a time.  She would precede us a month ahead, so as to be able to offer tips and suggestions, reflections and commentary.  I looked forward to her ideas and thoughts each month and still hold her words in my heart.

Pictured at right is my completed version of this delightful project.

With supreme sadness, I regret to share that Eileen Pers died in the midst of our quilting journey together and the project was put in the hands of her close friends. It was later further accelerated in order for us to get to this completed stage in time to share the various forms of our quits in a small collection at our upcoming guild show.


Butterfly Baskets label


I chose to alter the layout in a format I found more engaging and bold than the one suggested in the directions.  As Eileen often liked to experiment and play with boldness of expression and loved to garden, I think she would enjoy the turns I took in this little exercise.  I added the butterflies in the quilting and title, which directly represent her pure spirit, gentle joy and bright creativity.


Butterfly Baskets detail butterfly

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