Design In a Series




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I’m nearing the end of a 10 week class I took online with Lisa Call called: Working in a Series.  I was nurtured as an artist, steeped in the history of artists who created within series, sprinkled with design teachings- applicable to both my own work, my developing studio practice and extendable to life in general.  I was challenged to grow and explore and change while at the same time narrowing my focus and honing my techniques.

In beginning this class, I made a commitment myself to move beyond my fantasies and ideas. To move into being an artist.  I was ready to shed the hesitancy and questioning- ready to instead of saying: I’m becoming an artist, I’m a baby artist, I’m a new artist-

to simply say:

I am an artist.

This will correspond with the change on my periodic census intake form.

I have been known to write-in occupation:”Superhero” with the attached “Other” categorical number of ‘0000’.

I will now be formally changing this entry to the more socially understood “Artist-worker” with occupation code ‘2600’.

(Of note, a quilt maker or quilt machine operator is coded 8230 and I may use that sometimes too).