Elevate Art: Quilts on Stilts with a Slow Stitch Sit-along

Have you heard about

the latest greatest

traffic calming idea in town?


Quick, fast, easy. Pass, speed, arrive. Buzz, zing, shift.

Shift towards attention. Notice, pause, watch.

Capture, record, share.

A busy street with folks heading, isolated in their vehicles, towards their various directions, is the antithesis of a formed community.  The intention of coming together to notice, pause, and eventually share- requires the calming of the traffic- not necessarily of the physical traffic, but of the mental traffic and then rediscovering connections we miss out on when we are distracted by our forward energies.

Speed can squash our imagination and diminish the enjoyment of our creative expression. Perhaps gathering our chairs, our laps full of tools and fibers, we can meet together and while still in our individual realm, begin to connect through our shared intention of attention, of noticing, of recording our moments as they arrive.

This project, Elevate Art: Quilts on Stilts with a Slow Stitch sit-along, will combine a relaxed gathering of varied handwork artists, with a slow moving exhibit of quilts, which will travel alongside the gathered stitchers, to parade the quilts for passersby, as held by people in pairs, mounted on elevated stilts. The duration of the gathering will last approximately one hour, with an invitation extended to all participants to stay and stitch as long as they like. The location of the sit-along and quilt parade is situated in a high-traffic area in the center of our growing city.

Using simple methods to gather and share our handwork arts,  we intend to draw attention to the role of a slower pace  in our lives, and thus encourage mindfulness and intention while traveling through or traveling within our communities.


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  1. linda says:

    This brings to mind a lyric from a Poi Dog Pondering song, “You get to know things better when they go by slow.”

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