Elevate Art: Who doesn’t love a good button pin?


Elevate Art: Quilts on Stilts with a Slow Stitch Sit-Along

is happening this coming weekend!

There will be buttons for all participants, all passersby and all interested parties.  There are plenty of buttons- buttons for all!

Elevate Art Buttons

What do you think of the phrase Elevate Art?

How does it apply to your thoughts about quilting

and any other handwork you practice or enjoy?


  1. In the age of big box stores, magazines that want to simplify and make quick, and blog tutorials explaining every last portion of a specific technique, ‘elevate art’ has quite a bit of meaning. Making art is a proposition, not an answer, it doesn’t need to be quick or simple, though it can be, and box stores have the effect of lowering standards and pricing while diminishing the time and effort put into making a thing yourself. Investing in your self, your skill set and the imagery you want to put out into the world, elevates art.

    • Ringmaster says:

      I love that you view this as a proposition. That was a lot of my intent- To pivot folks towards their own actions and choices as they relate to the world and how they think about or approach it with an idea towards inclusivity of creative expression. Whether that be making, or investing in pieces of art, participating in group projects or just witnessing- it is all important. Thanks of sharing your thoughts!

  2. Kim Schmitt says:

    To advance art in all its forms, is an idea near and dear to my heart. Elevate Art is a conceptually well designed phrase encompassing the vast idea of art and the relationship humanity has with it. All art is important, no one art form has greater value or a greater propensity to create change over another. In elevating the arts we must free art from pigeonholed categories and ideas and simply experience the piece, whether it be a quilt, sculpture, poem, necklace or painting.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Kim- thanks for sharing your response! It was wonderful to be able to share feedback from both my local and greater online community with the funders of this project so that they know it’s effect and reach. They obviously value a diverse range of art, but I wanted to reassure them that their support was valued beyond the scope they’d even imagined. Thanks!

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