Help Save the Monkey



I am so close to completing my studio that I can almost taste it- but I needed to take a break in the timing to make a little room for this sweet puppet production company. They have a delightful show about how 8-year-old Howard and 80-year-old Lillian must race to the ocean to save Lillian’s pet monkey when he lands from space!   This family show was created by Marta Mozelle MacRostie and Liz Hara and I had the privilege of seeing them perform at the Springfield museum a couple of weeks back.

After that show, the entire set moved into my Big Top Quilts studio to introduce a new performer to all of the characters, rehearse as many takes as possible for two full weekends and to launch this new team for future shows.

Tomorrow is the team’s debut- Break a leg! Click on the photo to get linked in to their Facebook notices.  Perhaps they’ll come  next to a stage near you!