Men On Stilts ~favored by the English Muffin Club

English Muffin Club
Audrey Hyvonen, owner of Big Top Quilts, poses with members of the self-titled “English Muffin Club” in Easthampton MA where they gather weekly to discuss art and life.

Men On Stilts

This was the headline in Monday’s paper that drew the attention of these gathered ladies. As I returned to my car after visiting the bookshop (White Square Books) to drop off loaned quilts from this past weekend’s Elevate Art event, the lady in green came running out from the coffee shop shouting to me, “I wanted to thank you!”  She told me her coffee group was inside looking at all the photos from the weekend, and sharing their favorites.  I ventured in, bought the paper, asked them to send me those picked out favorites, handed out business cards and Elevate Art pins to each of them- and then we all posed for the photo.  They wanted me to know the quilts were wonderful and that the stilters weren’t too hard to look at either.  “They were great- and handsome too.”

stilts and quilts and stripes


Take a look for yourself at a few favorites!

Full Gazette Article Here


Pamplemousse Rose

Scott with quilt

double whammy