Nodding to Sol Lewitt with Sew’l eWitt



12.5 l x 12.25 w

“Fist” communicates action, intensity and resistance.  The harsh intersection of lines around the iconic fist image heighten its texture and accentuate the likeness to an actual fist. The high contrast stripes allude to imprisonment, leaving the viewer to contemplate levels of restraint in both self and society. Drawing upon imagery lexicon, artist Audrey Hyvonen invokes movements in history as recent as Black Lives Matter and as far back as depictions of the ancient Assyrian goddess Ishtar. Other notable appearances of the raised fist include The African People’s Socialist Party, The American Indian Movement, the Jewish Defense League,  The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Earth First!, as well as assorted leftist groups and workers movements of the 20th century.



False Dichotomy (mini)

12.25 inches square

“False Dichotomy” presents a blended human figure, utilizing common bathroom signage symbology, morphed into a single form.  The delineation between male and female, social constructs of gender presentation, have been challenged through the overlap of the center line, creating an almost grotesque mirror image in which nothing quite aligns. The vertical bars incorporating and surrounding the central figure echo the trappings of false societal norms being placed upon each individual. True experience of self is best reflected through an understanding  of gender fluidity and moves us all towards a more inclusive society.




12 inches square

In this piece, “Go!”, artist Audrey Hyvonen captures the cultural icon of the poke ball from the Pokemon Go game and embeds it within the graphic structure of vertical and horizontal crossed lines. The high impact red denotes the red of the poke ball itself and provides a striking call to action- encouraging the viewer to move ahead- in their thinking, in their actions, in their life.   It epitomizes a balance of escapism while maintaining a real-world connection.

From Wikipedia: “Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an “escape” or dissociation from the perceived unpleasant, boring, arduous, scary, or banal aspects of daily life. It can also be used as a term to define the actions people take to help relieve persisting feelings of depression or general sadness.”

Pokémon Go (stylized as Pokémon GO) is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.



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