A lovely detail of a flower bud with exquisite quilting stitches all around. Love this! From the touring show of vintage quilts, Quilt as Desired, by Mary Kerr.

On Learning…

Make the Work

I have returned from a foray into the wider quilting world- immersing myself in varied techniques and new machinery, and have gleaned some fresh approaches and primarily reassured my muse that I am on the path I need to follow- one of tripping and leaping and dusting off and working and sharing.

antique fan corner
I am smitten with fans in quilts and really appreciated the quilters designs that complemented this antique piecing so beautifully. Sorry I don’t have the names to go with it. It’s part of the traveling show put together by Mary Kerr.

In four days I experienced:

• a  two hour private tutorial on serger basics

• a three hour group lesson on basic quilt piecing techniques

• two hour long large group lectures- including a focus on paper piecing, and the other on machine quilting vintage quilt orphans

and finally,

• a six hour immersion workshop on landscape creation using placed appliqué with a tulle setting, followed by another lecture and trunk show of the same.


Phew!  That should do me for the rest of the year.


grandmothers flower garden
A close up of a grandmother’s flower garden pattern- Loving me some hexagons!

Needless to say- I learned a lot.  However- I was often surprised by my takeaways:

 I gained confidence with new machinery, though have little application in my current work for a serger.

I learned a lot about classroom management with varied learning levels and the importance of giveaways.

I was surprised by the growing popularity of Elmer’s glue in the quilting world.

I was reassured that my voice and style are emerging in a consistent recognizable way, despite my lack of effort or intention.

GFG full
A lovely collection of hexagons all slammed together in this kaleidoscope quilt that reminds me of those little Millefiori beads. My favorite is the one that looks like peppermint candy in the lower right corner.

The thing that surprised me most is the images I captured that felt most meaningful to me- In a search for “my people”- it was not the art quilters, the modern quilters or the contemporary quilters that resonated with me, but the antique quilts- rescued from ruin and given fresh life that I documented the most.  Listening to this self discovery will be formative as I plan the ways that I choose to move forward in sharing my work with the world.  I don’t have it defined yet,  but I see some directions that I find quite intriguing.

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
― Robert Frost


I feel as though I am awaking myself.  Eager to see where I go in this journey!

serger project
A tiny hat for a tiny person made on a tiny machine called a serger- Mighty and powerful! The machine, and the person. Not so much the hat.