Press Release


SHOW Circus Studio Opens Its Doors for Art Walk

with Circus Sketch Lab

A two-part series of continuous drawing workouts

for the public culminating in

a sketch exhibit and circus recital in June

EASTHAMPTON, MA (March 21, 2016) There is always a lot to see and drawing helps you see it. Circus Sketch Lab is a continuous drawing workout in an experimental circus studio setting. SHOW Circus Studio, a recreational circus school in Easthampton, will host two public lab sessions during April and May Art Walks, culminating in a combined movement and sketch exhibit for the public in June 2016.

Circus Sketch Lab joins the laboratory of the open circus studio with an invitation to area artists of all ages and levels to engage with a gestural drawing practice as well as placement of figures in the environment. Circus students attending these open studios will be granted an attentive audience during the intimate and vulnerable moments of act preparation and creation. In return, they offer their own figures as subject for the artists to explore and represent in their work.

The global accessibility of the circus is experienced as transformative and magical. The unusual opportunity to come behind the scenes of our only local circus is afforded by Circus Sketch Lab, which invites the artists into the artistic forge to satisfy their own curiosities, and to create work that can be shared with the larger community. This ripple effect spreads the transformation and magic, associating our towns with vibrant energy and life.

The Circus Sketch Lab ringmaster, Audrey Hyvonen, brings a strong background in local community organizing and operates her own home based business, Big Top Quilts. Her past projects include time as a visiting artist to Maple Elementary School leading a group quilt build with the second graders and last summer’s event, Elevate Art: Quilts on Stilts with a Slow Stitch Sit-Along, a traffic calming project in Easthampton.  Her love of circus and work with the circus school combined with a desire to involve the larger community in making and enjoying art, blossomed into this Circus Sketch Lab collaboration.

This program is generously supported in part by grants from the Southampton, Hadley and Easthampton Local Cultural Councils, which are local agencies supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Event Information

Interest in attending the event can be expressed on the Circus Sketch Lab webpage

Circus Sketch Labs are scheduled for:

Saturday, April 9th, 6-7:30pm

Saturday, May 14th, 6-7:30pm.

Sketch Exhibit and Circus Recital are scheduled for:

Saturday, June 25th

Doors open at 4pm, Recital runs 4:30-6pm.

Circus Sketch Labs are free to all participants.

A donation will be requested at the door of the recital.

Venue location: SHOW Circus Studio, Paragon Arts and Industry Building, 150 Pleasant Street, Suite 313, Easthampton MA 01027


For more information, please contact: Audrey Hyvonen, Big Top Quilts,  413-230-0771

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