The piece I’m sharing  here

included a lot of gasping moments for me;

not gasps of:  “Wow! How genius!”,

but rather gasps of:

“Oh no.  Where is this going?”


I did manage to find a perfect group of fabrics

to cut into tiny bits: horses, donkeys

& bold geometric shapes in blunt neutrals.

Here you can see some of the horses

& my faithful rotary blade.


Ramona raw materials

As I began placing the fabrics,

I was happy with the texture at the base

of the gridded canvas &

the orange-ness of the wood I was depicting.

You can see the horses & geometric shapes

creating the form of a nose.

Can you find an armadillo & some cherries?



Ramona start of a nose

Adding in all of the darkest darks

& the placement for the eyes

in a similar geometric form,

a face starts to emerge.



Ramona mid stream

I had a lot of fun getting

the texture of the forehead

& the nuance of the Stella Luna-like ear

to read as more than

tropical ferns & mule rumps.

(Ass asses?)


Ramona in process


 Above, you’ll notice a broad yellow band centered

at the top of the image, which has been since removed

as it wasn’t serving it’s purpose

& a striped band on the far right forming,

which was eventually manipulated for less impact.


Below is one of those gasping moments:

the pieced seams are being formed on the vertical,

half way done in this image,

& the distortion has begun in full force.



Ramona at the machine


Whoa! Gasp! Right?

All vertical, no horizontal.

What happened to the image I was trying to create?

This is where trust in the process,

& also my practice & skill

need to come into play.



Ramona verical seams complete


Once I finish the horizontal seams

& press everything in alternate fashion for a flat lay,

it looks like this on the back.

I love this stage.



Ramona in process rear view

 Here it is on the front,

before it get its quilting done.

(Can you still find an armadillo and some cherries?)



Ramona Pre quilting



 Here’s a detail of the quilting on my favorite parts.



Ramona detail

The whole piece:







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