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Puff Flowers for Ruby Mae

retreat           rəˈtrēt/

noun: retreat; plural noun: retreats
  1. an act of moving back or withdrawing.
    “a speedy retreat”
  2. a signal for a military force to withdraw.
    “the bugle sounded a retreat”
  3. a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.
    “their mountain retreat in New Hampshire”
    synonyms: refugehavensanctuary

Origin: late Middle English: from Old French retret (noun), retraiter (verb), from Latin retrahere ‘pull back’

It’s this third meaning that I latch on to for my annual quilt retreat understanding- A re-treating of myself- an indulgence of  energy & time focused on making quilts with others who enjoy this same goofy and meditative practice of buying beautiful fabrics, cutting them to bits, and then sewing them back together again.


It is not quiet, or secluded, as there are likely forty of us who flock to this northern migratory landing spot for a seasonal reboot- but it is a place to rest & relax from the day-to-day grind of making meals, following schedules and cleaning up after oneself.

I instead, just sew. And it is a treat!

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