Small Works Show~ Sneak Preview

Fermata 6 ~Ligand Binding Domain
Fermata 6 ~Ligand Binding Domain

This Thursday our small town is celebrating ten years of a fabulous arts organization, Easthampton City Arts +, which collaborates with many small businesses and showcases the work of our regional artists.  

They are having a fabulous fundraising auction, dressy party and a Small Works Show called

Light Up The Arts Holiday Bash.


The small works show features art in small format and of affordable prices.

 I have three pieces in the show, which opens Thursday, December 4th, 2014 and for which you’ll need a ticket to attend.

 If you’d like a ticket- you can get one for free!  

Just follow this link:  FREE TICKET TO THE BASH! 

(offer ends December 1st, at noon, but you can still get tickets- you’ll just have to pay $5.00)

 The Small Works Show will be up for two more weeks and featured during the Arts Walk on Dec 13th too.


Above is a sneak preview of one of the pieces I’ll have available at the Small Works Show.  

It’s the one that’s been called a “Robotic Eyeball Surgeon of the Future” but which I call:


Fermata 6 ~ Ligand Binding Domain


Scroll back up and take a closer look!  

Isn’t it neat how there is activity in the green orb?  

What do you think of the geometric form

and the line work which anchors it?  

Do you think it should be turned a different direction

or is this way the best orientation?

What does it remind you of?  

Can you find my signature in the piece?  

All thoughts are welcome.  I’d love for you to come see it in person and please let me know if you do.


  1. linda says:

    I like your quilting and how the white fabric has similar lines through it. I like the colors you chose for your satin stitching. the whole thing reminds me of a schematic diagram of a receptor site in the body. I like the orientation you chose.

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