Social Sew-er (not sewer)

I love to sew with other people,

which makes me a social sew-er.

(not sewer, like the sewer lid pictured in the featured image for this post)


Because my studio is in my home, the people I sew with the most are my immediate family. They don’t really sew with me, but rather, read near me, wash dishes and cook near me, play trumpet and clarinet near me and occasionally ooh and aah over a quilt because I ask them to.


To meet other sewers, quilters and artists in general, I need to leave my house- either virtually or physically.


Here are the some of the places I go to find like-minded folks, and hopefully, for them to find me too.


The Studio Art Quilt Associates an organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt, founded in 1989 with current membership of over 3000 artists, teachers, curators, etc.



The Northampton Modern Quilt Guild-We are a group who shares a love of modern quilting, sewing, textiles, and design. The NMQG meets on the first Sunday of every month from  12-2  p.m. at 100 Black Birch Trail in Florence MA.

I even have my very own artists page!


Easthampton City Arts Plus is my local arts council with a two-fold mission: creating strong cultural identify for our city and improving economic opportunities for artists while increasing the role that cultural activity plays in revitalizing our community.

I have an artist’s page here too!


Hands Across the Valley Quilt Guild memberships has more than 130 members with a wide variety of interests, skill levels and talents. They offer workshops and lectures throughout the year and meet monthly to socialize, share and grow as quilters.


The list is a little heavy on the acronyms, but it’s working well for me!


Please visit: to get more information about sewer lids and also busking, street art and other cool things that overlap with my interests. Thanks to them for the cool image I lifted from their page in the internet without permission, but with this line of credit and a re-direct, hoping it will suffice.  I will cease and desist use of the sewer lid image if requested.