Stat by Stat a.k.a. Baby Steps

At Big Top Quilts, I have Marketing Mondays, in which I usually draft a blog post to go live on Tuesday, and on Tuesday, I inventory my marketing statistics across every social media platform.

stat book twoviews






actionsstat book page






I keep track of it all. I read the blogs about the 37 Visual Content Marketing statistics you should know in 2016 and I try to take fun photos and share them with you all to keep you engaged and interested.

looking at art

But at the end of the day- what really makes me happy and what I hope really makes you happy too- is sharing what I love- colors, patterns, interesting ideas, community engagement.

 The numbers are just a measure to help me make sure that I’m reaching folks consistently, or in new ways, or in ways that aren’t working and need a tweak.

art looking


I was delighted to welcome so many new faces in to the studio for the Grand Opening!

Of course my mailing list had a boost in numbers as I ran an email based raffle, and I had new commissions and a couple of sales, which feels tremendous and exciting my work is moving out into the world!


I also feel like the real work is about to begin- not the concrete putting up of walls and painting them, but the challenge of marketing a nebulous service to a moving market that I maybe haven’t met yet.

I have my work cut out for me- and I’m eager to keep on taking baby steps and to measure how far I’ve traveled each week, stat by stat.