Stretch of the Month • January 2015

Stretch of the Month • January 2015

When I’m sewing- I put myself in interesting positions- like under the long-arm machine reaching up, behind the ironing board re-plugging the iron,  kneeling on the wood floor for half an hour trying to pin a quilt sandwich for home sewing.

I know I’m not the only one.

Stretch-of-the-Month gives you a simple tool to use every day that you sew- to counteract some of our silliness in body positions and to bring simple awareness to the choices we make as we care for our bodies, and thus the part of us that we need fit and able to continue doing what we love.

I don’t train as a contortionist, but I do know a thing or two about how bodies work.  Maintaining range of motion takes attention and mindful use.  I encourage you to take frequent breaks from your fabric and to listen to the messages your body shares with you.


This quick video features a few neck stretches which will brighten your day and help you focus on what matters most to you as you embody a solid “No”, “Yes” and some gentle contemplation.

Find what feels good for your body.





If something hurts- modify for comfort and seek medical support if there is no change.

The small print: Don’t sue me if you break yourself.  I’m not licensed, just knowledgeable.