SOM Dec 2014

Stretch of the Month



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 As a quilter, I often lose track of time and find myself hunched in odd positions for WAY TOO LONG!  Knowing this is not a problem which I alone face, I am choosing to feature a stretch of the month for other quilters in an effort to bring awareness to these bodies we will need to keep in tip-top shape.

We all want to quilt for the rest of our lives without repetitive motion injuries taking away our pleasure.

As a circus arts enthusiast, trained martial arts (17 years and yes I have a black belt in karate) and a long ago dance focus, I have a lot of accumulated experience in noticing what my body needs.  I encourage you to take frequent breaks from your fabric and to listen to the aches and pains your body shares.

The stretch featured here is a great way to engage the muscles of the upper back, to open and activate the muscles of the chest and torso and to bring awareness to the shoulders and their position.

Find what feels good for your body.

If something hurts- modify for comfort and seek medical support if there is no change.

The small print: Don’t sue me if you break yourself.  I’m not licensed, just knowledgeable.

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SOM Dec 2014