Turn over a new Leaf

Leaf piecing first half

The Northampton Modern Quilt Guild spent our last meeting exploring the technique of piecing from a unique image,

in the style of Ruth McDowell.

You can visit her website here

to order her books or buy her gorgeous quilts.

I’ve included a few snapshots here of the steps

I completed while working on the project at home.



Leaf piecing last section

Sometimes seeing all the steps can

increase one’s appreciation for how something is made.

I hope that is true for you!

Leaf piecing back detail

Leaf piecing Detail

At this Sunday’s program:

Diane Wespiser will lead us through the process

of going from the patterns we made last week ,

using her understanding of Ruth McDowell’s pieced quilting technique,

to creating the pieced blocks- ready for quilting.

Pieced leaf