Fermata 2 ~ Are You My Mother?

Twin Pinkies- Pop Pop Fizz and Are You My Mother?

In which the artist approaches

the idea of monochromatic expression

with a color that is loaded

with strong feelings and associations.


Fermata 3 ~ Pop Pop Fizz
Fermata 3 ~ Pop Pop Fizz
Fermata 2 ~ Are You My Mother?
Fermata 2 ~ Are You My Mother?














Dominant Message of Pinkness


In Fermata 2 ~ Are You My Mother?   (displayed on the right of your screen), we see a medium pink central handle with bold circles of white and red, with a wrench-like shape at it’s end, descending from the center of the top edge. From this handle seems to emerge a medium light pink egg-shape, towards the left. The egg shape is bordered by a darker pink crescent shape that is raised from the surface of the design.  Below the egg shape is a concave bowl-like lip which flares out to the lowest edge of the composition, left of center.  This component has jagged vine-like orange lines and a delicate, white, webbed section to the bottom and right hand perimeter. The background of the whole piece is a creamy white, with echoing vertical lines that shift gradually into organic wandering shapes near the edges of the sides.

In Fermata 3 ~Pop Pop Fizz, the monochromatic pink color scheme is replicated, save for the introduction of a slight mention of lime green in a flower stem in the lower right hand corner. In this piece, the dotted handle shifts strongly to the right, almost as if it’s swinging, and is completed with a rounded circle edge.  The lower right hand corner is active with a combination of dark pink radiating leaf shapes and two white clusters or tufts of a circular shape.  The background is a tight wash of medium pink circles on a distant cream, reading as a pink solid until under close inspection.   This is textured with radiant lines from the central handle, morphing into echoes of handle shapes as you approach the left side edge. 

fermata 2 detail

Using a monochromatic color scheme to build on a referenced composition forced the focus of creating tension and movement more quickly towards other tools.  Using light hues and dark shades of pink created some of the needed contrast, but other ways of creating visual texture became necessary.  The color dominates the impact of these two pieces despite their bold and high impact imagery.  The warmth offered by the pink family softens the harshness of the central figures but still lends a feeling of action and movement.

Fermata 2 ~ Are You My Mother? is highlighting the delicacy of placement. The moment that one chooses to release something precious is often meditated and planned, “Having Ones Ducks In a Row” you might say, creates a safety in which a transfer of responsibility can occur.  In this piece, the egg is either being gently lifted out from or lowered into a perfectly fitted space.  The tool to do that has been specially crafted to handle that responsibility and will ensure that all precautions necessary have been considered.

fermata 3 detail

Fermata 3 ~Pop Pop Fizz shows more kinetic energy than potential energy.  The explosive lines which radiate below the marble shape show the direction and intensity of the force to come.  Though the release hasn’t happened yet, there is little control involved.  There is an inevitability to it, which makes us wonder “When is this going to happen?” and “What will it do?”. Little trust can be placed in the active handle or in it’s hold of the circle.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pieces -or just on the color pink?  Do you love it, do you hate it -does it depend?

Feel free to chime in!