Working In A Series- a testimonial

Last week I told you I was finishing up an online class. I’ve been holding the content and my process close, while I focused on the work of the class. I was writing some of my thoughts about the class today and wanted to share them here, in case any of you are curious about the class for yourselves. I will also begin sharing my own works from this series I focused on over the next few weeks

Little Bee 2011.

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This online workshop, Working In a Series, creates a generous positive impact on art making and studio practice and extends into one’s whole way of living.


As an artist, I was a busy bee, sampling nectar from every pretty flowered technique, style and motif.  I buzzed happily in my little world of fabric and friends but didn’t have a purpose or direction other than to express and create.  I loved to share my work in gifts but reached a point where this wasn’t satisfying enough.  The influence of this workshop, Working In A Series,  was honing.  My focus narrowed. I was granted time for reflection, deepening and exploration. My designs became more intentional, driven and focused.  The message and articulation of my ideas is becoming more refined and I feel a purpose beyond my ideas that I’m reaching towards communicating on multiple levels.

In my studio, I have gained confidence, simply by making more work and seeing it change and grow as I make it. My commitment to my studio  practice as a result of this workshop is tangible in set studio hours, new schedules for studio tasks and an escalated level of boundaries. The respect I have for my precious studio time is spilling quickly into other realms of my responsibilities and is recognized favorably by my family, which feels supportive and honored.

Working In A Series, the online workshop with Lisa Call, is rich in content, materials and structure. The specific topics we covered (design elements, artists who work in series, critique development, actual composition work) were approached from varied angles and fleshed out in a full and thorough fashion.  The class was designed for all learning styles and was easily accessible through a delightful combination of audio, visual, written work, action, craft, links, music, video and webinar.  While comprehensive, the class was not overwhelming.  The schedule was predictable, clear and consistent with frequent deadlines and intentional make-up weeks to fill in for the gaps life creates.

As a teacher, Lisa Call is wonderful. The list of words to favorably describe her teaching is long, but the ones that rise to the top include: genuine, responsive, efficient, respectful, organized and supportive. As an artist, she in accomplished, engaging, consistent yet explorative and readily able to draw upon her own experience as teacher as well as by being freshly engaged in the contemporary art world.  I feel lucky to have had her as an influence and strongly recommend this workshop for anyone seeking support in exploring or deepening their art works.


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